Megan Miranda

Megan Miranda

The Only Survivors

Scribner/Marysue Rucci Books

A thrilling mystery about a group of former classmates who reunite to mark the anniversary of a tragic accident.

Ten years ago, two vans full of North Carolina high school students careened off a mountain road into a rushing river in Tennessee. Only nine of them made it home. On the first anniversary of the accident, a survivor committed suicide. That’s when the remaining survivors made a pact: to meet up every year to mark the date, so that none of them would be alone.


But on the tenth anniversary, one of the survivors disappears, casting fear and suspicion on the reunion and on the original tragedy. Cassidy, who has always felt like the outsider of the group, receives an alarming text from an unknown number. She leaves for the Outer Banks immediately, where their reunions always take place in the same oceanfront rental. But something is off; There’s a new tension in the group, whispers of a tell-all account of their accident—and then one of the other survivors abruptly disappears. What really happened 10 years ago? Can Cassidy trust her fellow survivors?

“Miranda is a master of misdirection and sudden plot twists.”