Leigh McMullan Abramson


A Likely Story


Wry, wise, and propulsive, with fragments of a compulsively readable book-within-a-book.

The child of an iconic American novelist discovers a tangle of family secrets that upends everything she thought she knew about her parents, her gilded childhood, and her own stalled writing career.


Growing up in the nineties as the only child of famous parents was both a blessing and a curse for Isabelle. Her beautiful society hostess mother, Claire, and New York Times bestselling author father, Ward, were the intellectual It couple. Ward’s obligations often took him away from Isabelle, but Claire made sure her childhood was filled with magic and love.


As an adult Isabelle wants to be a writer like her father but after many false starts and the unexpected death of her mother, she faces her upcoming birthday alone and on the verge of a breakdown. Her anxiety only skyrockets when she uncovers some shocking truths about her parents and begins wondering if everything she knew about her family was all based on an elaborate lie.

“A standout debut about family, secrets, and the costs of protecting a precious legacy.”
—Fiona Davis, New York Times bestselling author