Ariel Lawhon

Ariel Lawhon

Code Name Hélène


Based on the real-life story of socialite spy, Nancy Wake, and the four code names she used during the war, comes a spellbinding and moving story of enduring love, remarkable sacrifice and unfaltering resolve.

It is 1936 and Nancy is an Australian expat living in Paris who has bluffed her way into a reporting job, when she meets and marries wealthy French industrialist Henri Fiocca and becomes Mrs. Fiocca. Shortly after the Germans invade France, Nancy must take yet another name: a code name.


Told in interweaving timelines organized around the four code names Nancy used during the war, Code Name Hélène follows Nancy’s transformation from journalist into one of the most powerful leaders in the French Resistance, known for her ferocious wit, her signature red lipstick, and her ability to summon weapons straight from the Allied Forces. But with power comes notoriety, and no matter how careful Nancy is to protect her identity, the risk of exposure is great — for herself and for those she loves.

“Ariel Lawhon delivers . . . and will fascinate readers of World War II history and thrill fans of fierce, brash, independent women.”
—Lisa Wingate, New York Times bestselling author