Adele Myers

Adele Myers

The Tobacco Wives

William Morrow

North Carolina, 1946. One woman. A discovery that could rewrite history.

Maddie Sykes is a seamstress new to Bright Leaf, NC—the tobacco capital of the South—where her aunt has a thriving sewing business. After years of war rations and shortages, Bright Leaf is a prosperous town, and Maddie is dazzled by the female factory workers, the palatial homes, and her aunt’s clientele: the wives of the powerful tobacco executives.


She learns the town isn’t the paradise it seems. A trail of misfortune follows the women. Although Maddie believes this is a coincidence, she uncovers evidence suggesting otherwise.


Maddie wants to report what she knows, but in a town where everyone depends on Big Tobacco to survive, she doesn’t know who she can trust—and fears the truth may destroy the lives of the women with whom she has forged bonds.


Shedding light on the hidden history of women’s activism during the post-war period, The Tobacco Wives is a dramatic novel about the power of female connection and the importance of seeking truth.

“A beautifully rendered portrait of a young woman finding her courage and her voice.”
—Lisa Wingate, New York Times bestselling author